Healthgrouper’s Commitments

ACCESS - We are committed to improve access and reduce waiting times to healthcare services by providing comprehensive and free information on availability, quality and patients satisfaction of healthcare providers as well as stimulating online booking for healthcare services.

CHOICE - We are committed to provide more choice to all healthcare consumers in the region of South East Europe of where to find, and how to select healthcare providers most suitable for their needs.

COLLABORATION - We are committed to enhance national and cross border collaboration among healthcare providers and healthcare consumers in the region of SEE.

COMPASSION - Health is a very personal matter. At Healthgrouper we are committed to compassion with all healthcare consumers and we will do our best to assist all healthcare consumers in their quest to get well soon.

EXCHANGE - We are committed to continuous exchange of knowledge, experiences and information among doctors, patients and healthcare services providers within the countries of SEE.

PARTICIPATION - We are committed to increased participation and engagement and our project is open for inputs by all healthcare professionals and patients.

PRIVACY - We are committed to protect privacy of our users, and of all visitors. Healthgrouper does not require you to list your name if you wish to review your healthcare provider. You can do this anonymously.

QUALITY - We are strongly committed to increase the quality and standards in the delivery of healthcare in the SEE countries. Therefore, for all participating countries where there are no external quality data, we will use our online evaluations of patient satisfaction as proxy indicator for quality. As soon as external quality data are made available, we will integrate them into our methodology.

TRANSPARENCY - To us, transparency is crucial. We want to increase access to good quality information to all patients. To help them orient within the health care system. To learn more about their conditions or diseases, and where to find doctors easily. Therefore, we urge all doctors to publish their full online profiles so patients can meet them online.

TRUST - We are committed to build long-term relationship of trust with our clients and page visitors. At Healthgrouper we can assure you that there will be no external paid factors that can influence our patient satisfaction methodology.