How to edit your profile

To edit your profile you must first login to it by pressing on the Sign In button and entering your username and password. Press the Login button when done to login to the site.

The types of information provided in the profiles vary depending on their type - whether they are doctor profiles or health provider profiles. Some fields of information are mandatory while others are optional and can be left blank at your discretion.


Certain parts of the profile offer the possibilty to enter information in several languages. English is mandatory while the others are optional. We strongly encourage you to enter all information in your native language as well so the viewers of your profile from your own country will be able to read it in that language. For example the field named Short DescriptionEnglish can be filled in with optional languages. Notice the text right above it to see which language it will be displayed in. You can switch between languages by pressing on them as seen in the picture bellow.


In this tab you can mark the exact location of your place of work. You can also use the Address look up button to find the location by writing in its postal address. Just type in the name of the street, the number and the city. If Google Maps is unable to exactly pinpoint the location than you can manualy position the pin yourself. Also, for the record, please leave your postal address in the fields just bellow the map, as seen in the picture bellow. If english is not your native language, don't forget to type in the address in your language as well. This will make it easier for users and profile viewers to locate you.