(for doctors)

How can I edit my profile?

To edit your profile you must login with your username and password. After you have logged in you will see a Hello (your username) text in the upper right-hand corner of the page and right next to Edit your profile. Once you click on the text Edit your profile, a new window will open which contains separate parts of the profile you should edit. By clicking on each of the components that make up your profile you can fill in the desired info.

How do I choose my location?

Healthgrouper by connecting with Google maps offers you the uniqe possibility to choose exact location of your medical or dental practice, and your location as a doctor. To set the correct location, you need to: log in, click on Edit your Profile, then click Your location tab. New window will open where you can select state, city and address of your practice. On the map you can move around with the cursor and set the exact location. At the end click Done.

How can I send a message through Healthgrouper?

Healthgrouper gives the doctors uniqe possibility to communicate between them by sending messages. This possibility is only for doctors. To send a message to your coleague who is registered on Healthgrouper, you need to find his profile on Healthgrouper. To find him, simply write his name in the search box, and click Find. When you open his profile, in the lower left corner, below the map, there is a text Send a message. This text shows only on the profile of those doctors who have confirmed their e-mail address. Click on this text and a new window will open where you can write your message. After you write the message, click Send.

How can I upload my own photo or logo to my profile?

In the Edit your profile page select the Details tab, which is the third from the left. There you will see the option to upload a photo or a logo of your own. You need to have the picture stored on your local hard drive. Click the Choose file button, locate your picture, select it and upload it. To save the new data click the Save button located in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

Why is it recommended to have a personalized photo or logo?

Your photo makes you easily recognized by your colleagues and patients. If you are a doctor, it is recommended that the photo displays your face solely.

How can I select conditions and procedures?

In the Edit your profile page click on the Services tab. Here you can select your specialty, a list of top procedures that you perform, top conditions that you diagnose, as well as a list of all the other conditions and procedures that you do. By clicking on the “+” button located next to the list of body parts (abdomen, arm, back, chest, head, leg, neck, pelvis or whole body) an additional list of procedures/conditions will collapse from which you can make selections by ticking on the appropriate boxes.

Is there a limit to the amount of conditions and procedures that I can select?

Healthgrouper offers you two opportunities:

  • In the Top Conditions and Top Procedures Performed parts you can select a maximum of 10 conditions and procedures.

  • In the Procedures Performed and Conditions/Diagnosis you can select as many procedures and conditions as you would like, but it is important to select the ones that you can truly offer as healthcare services to your patients.

Why is it necessary to pick Top Procedures Performed and Top Conditions?

This part is offered to you so you can make a list of procedures and conditions of which you have the most experience and would like to be recognized by. The top procedures and conditions are also used when comparing with other doctors or healthcare institutions.

Why is it important for me to select any of the listed conditions and procedures?

When you select the listed conditions and procedures it reflects your profile on the site in the following ways:

  • The browser is connected to the conditions and procedures you select. When somebody does a search for a doctor or an institution based on a condition or a procedure the browser will display and give profile that has selected that particular condition or procedure. This is how your patients or colleagues will be able to find you with ease.

  • Selecting the conditions and procedures from the list instead of typing them manually, it is also very useful because your selected list is automatically translated in all the languages that Healthgrouper offers. So when a patient or a colleague abroad would like to inform themselves about your field of work they can do this in their native language.

Can I change the order of the conditions and procedures that display on the list?

Yes, you can. Just click on and drag any given condition or procedure and shift it up or down to whatever position you would like.

What happens if I do not select any conditions and procedures?

If you do not select any of the offered conditions and procedures you will not be listed in any search that is based on them.

How can I add a new condition or procedure that does not exist in the list already?

To add a new condition or procedure that is not contained in our list you can make a suggestion to us. If you are logged in just follow this link. There you can recommend a new procedure, analysis, condition or definition. Write down the name of your suggestion and a short description. By clicking on Done, you will submit your suggestion to Healthgrouper.

How can I reset a forgotten password?

To reset a forgotten password you must first have an activated profile and a valid e-mail address. By clicking on the button Forgotten Password you will be taken to a new page where you can enter your e-mail address. Click on Retrieve and your password will be sent to your e-mail.

I still have not received an e-mail with my password.

You will not get your forgotten password in case you register with another e-mail address, or your profile was already created by our team. If the problem persists, send us an e-mail.

What should i do if i find myself in the Healthgrouper database, but have not created that profile myself?

Healthgrouper uses public information about medical and dental doctors. A large portion of the profiles are user created via personal application. A smaller portion of them are created by Healthgrouper containing basic bits of information. If you find your name on a profile at Healthgrouper and would like to take control of the profile please contact us by e-mail and we will send you a username and temporary password. After your first login you will become the owner of your profile and will have the opportunity to edit and arrange all the data displayed there to your liking.

What happens if I do not want my name to be displayed anywhere at Healthgrouper?

We do not have any intention of publishing information about doctors or healthcare institutions which do not wish to be associated with our project. All you have to do is send us an e-mail with the subject Erase me from Healthgrouper.

I seem to have forgotten my username. Is there any quick way of finding out what it is?

The simplest and easiest way is to search your profile with the browser using your name and last name. Open your profile and click on the text Are you this doctor? located just below your profile picture. A popup window will displayed that will already have your username displayed. All you need to do is fill in your password and you can log in.

Is there any way I can change my already existing username?

Yes, just send us an e-mail and write down whatever new username you would like to have. If that username is not already taken and used by some other profile we shall change it and notify you via e-mail when it is done.