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Healthgrouper is a website that provides you with an easy way to find a doctor or a healthcare institution depending on your healthcare needs.

You can find doctors of medicine or dentistry directly by searching for their names, specialities or by stating a certain condition or procedure.

You can find the aplication Sympton Grouper in the bottom left corner of the homepage. Pick the gender and a new window will open where you can search for medical conditions related to a specific part of the human body.

Besides conditions, you can search for procedures or analysis if you are interested where they are made or by which doctors. After you find the appropriate condition, procedure or analysis simply click the Find your doctor, Find your provider or Find your lab. Healthgrouper will present all the results which are in our database.

Warning! Always check if your map is adjusted to the city that you want to search.

  • To find a doctor depending on your health needs click here.
  • To find an institution depending on the medical procedure that you need to undergo click here.
  • To find a laboratory depending on the analysis you need to make click here.