International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) is established to provide Healthgrouper with the benefit of expertise and knowledge of a highly select group of internationally recognized and respected experts in the fields of health care management and policy, health systems reforms, clinical care, and patient rights. The purpose of the IAB is to advise Healthgrouper about international developments in the field, to monitor the site and its features, to promote the project in a wider international context and to open the possibilities for new partnerships. More specifically IAB leads the process of development, monitoring and acceptance of Healthgrouper commitments to better healthcare” that would be put forward for acceptance by all providers and doctors who will be represented at These commitments are an integral part of our project, and they are set to foster healthcare providers and doctors in participating countries to work towards promoting and achieving the highest standards in healthcare delivery, transparency, patients’ satisfaction, security and dignity. IAB will assist Healthgrouper to achieve its goal in promotion of the concept of integrated regional healthcare where each citizen can enjoy the benefits of choice, comparison and transparency in the selection of providers and doctors. Healthgrouper is a platform for sharing knowledge on a higher quality clinical outcomes and better patient care experiences in the region of South Eastern Europe.

The Board will review the progress web site is making towards achieving its objectives on an annual basis. Board members will provide their invaluable insights into how the project can be optimized against these targets.

The IAB consists of seven members who are chosen from among world recognized experts in healthcare delivery, health policy, management and organization and reforms of healthcare systems.

The board will issue regular progress reports that describe developments within the project and suggest potential areas for improvement. As part of the commitment to transparency, reports will be available to the public, ensuring that all stakeholders, providers and doctors are able to monitor the project’s performance against the highest international standards.