Key messages from the Healthgrouper Summit


(19 December 2012) -

The first Healthgrouper Summit "Who wins, who loses," through an open and professional debate, provided a unique opportunity to draw key messages for the "Pay for Performance" project. The main goal of the summit was how to make and successfully implement this project in practice. At the Summit, very eminent international and local experts participated and shared their international experiences in implementing similar reforms. The Summit sparked great interest among the participants and the general public in the Republic of Macedonia. Healthgrouper presents the key messages from the discussions and the debate:

"The fixed salary of doctors needs to be adjusted in relation to their performance in the month, but based on a set of indicators objectively positioned depending on the quality of the provided health service, the attitude towards patients, work innovations (process improvement, knowledge sharing and resource savings).”

"The positive reinforcement and stimulation of doctors, rather than penalties, are the basic prerequisites for successful implementation of any health reform."

"The Summit clearly showed the need for more extensive debate among all involved parties for successful implementation of the reforms and stabilization of the health system, as the most vital and most expensive part of the Macedonian society."

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