Summary of our policies

Below is a brief summary of Healthgrouper’s policies and guidelines. These policies are developed to explain how we collect and present information, and how we use practices. What our expectations are of you when using our site.

Privacy Policy: At Healthgrouper, we understand that health is a very personal matter, and we appreciate the trust you place in us to treat your information carefully and sensibly. As part of our commitment to respect privacy of all users of our site, we created a policy to explain the choices our visitors and clients have about the way your information is used and the efforts we take to safeguard your information. To learn more, please read our Privacy policy.

Terms of Use: We have developed Terms of use in order to inform you about the purpose of our project, how we work, and what the rules are on what you can and cannot do. All these are explained in our Terms of use. By searching our website, you are bound by the Terms of use, so please read them carefully.

Posting Guidelines:
 Healthgrouper gives you a place to share your information and experience with others about the healthcare providers. Our guidelines are designed to help create and maintain a positive environment for all who participate in our community. Read our Posting Guidelines to learn more.