11.12.2012 No. 12/12 Comments, experiences and testimonies of 300 doctors to the Pay for Performance project


(12 November 2012)

Healthgrouper integrally publishes all comments of doctors related to the "Pay for Performance" project. Testimonies of doctors are divided into five groups according to the questions contained in the survey:

"Does the Pay for Performance (PFP) project adequately (fairly) values the efforts of doctors specialists?"
"How does the project (PFP) reflect on the teamwork in your institution?"
"Does the project increase the number of additional (unnecessary) check-ups?"
"How does the project (PFP) reflect on the physician-patient relationship?"
"Please list other remarks (positive or negative) regarding the Pay for Performance project?”

Healthgrouper published all uncensored comments of doctors related to the "Pay for Performance” project, which provided great insight into the issue connected to the "Pay for Performance" project. The doctors’ comments offered the opportunity for qualitative research, scientific hypotheses generation and new research issues. Healthgrouper is at any given time prepared to provide professional support aimed at improving the scientific research capacity in the field of health policy and the healthcare system of the Republic of Macedonia.

Healthgrouper is web based platform for communication between doctors and offers the patients complete information about doctors and healthcare providers in the Bakans. Healthgrouper conducts surveys in all countries where it is active, in order to make comparative analyses of the conditions in the health systems in the region and improve the quality of healthcare. The results of the surveys are published in the media and available on the following link. Healthgrouper is a registered trademark in the EU Countries.