Four Main Factors Influence Job Satisfaction Among Physicians in Macedonia

Skopje, February 16th, 2012  - The international internet project released the first Special Report of Physicinas’ Satisfaction in Macedonia.

Survey results impose general impression that the majority of physicians are unsatisfied with their work in the Republic of Macedonia. There are four major factors defined to influence the physicinas’ satisfaction: salary, treatment from the state, stress and accumulated disappointment of health system reforms.

Salary is the biggest reason for disappointment among 79% of the surveyed physicinas in the public sector. Low salary, bad working conditions, political influence and nepotism are the main reasons that made 47% of the public doctors eager to change their work place.

The majority of all the physicinas are extremely disappointed by the status they enjoy in society. They think that their profession is not valued and they work in difficult conditions, under big stress and pressure.

Health sector reforms generate disappointment among over 70% of all surveyed doctors. Disappointment is bigger with the doctors that work in the public sector (77%) and in the private sector (72%).

45% of the surveyed doctors stated that they consider changing thier workplace, and 57% of them would like to move abroad. 

The special report is available here.


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