Short Reports

14.03.2014     No. 18/14   Final report of the second Healthgrouper Summit "When is it fair to say NO?" 
07.03.2014     No. 17/14   Knowledge, attitudes and practices among health care workers on TB in Republic of Macedonia (Summary available in English)
20.01.2014     No. 16/14                Short report on Healthgrouper Summit: When is it fair to say no? (Summary available in English)
10.01.2014     No. 15/14                Medical students expectations of their studies, academic generation 2013/2014 (Summary available in English)
09.01.2013    No. 14/13   Medical students expectations of their studies - Skopje, academic generation 2012/2013 (Summary available in English)
19.12.2012     No. 13/12        Key messages from the Healthgrouper Summit #1 (Summary available in English)
12.11.2012     No. 12/12. Comments, experiences and witnessing of 300 doctors for the Pay for Performance Project in Macedonia (Summary available in English)
05.11.2012 No. 11/12. Temporarily stop Pay for performance (Summary available in English)                        
22.09.2012 No 10/12. Who is for strike?     (Summary available in English)                     
28.06.2012 No. 09/12. Capitation, and expenses in primary health  (Summary available in English)                
21.05.2012 No. 08/12. Patients experiences of their treatments in Public Health Institutions in Macedonia
19.12.2012     Key Healthgrouper Summit Messages
14.06.2012     New! Administrative Workload of GP’s in the Republic of Macedonia: an Urgent Call for Change
23.01.2012 Macedonia: It is necesary to advance the role of GP's in the healthcare system. Final report from the survey conducted between the general practicioners by Healthgrouper Research Unit