Who is up for a strike?


(22 September 2012)

The international online project Healthgrouper conducted and electronic survey among doctors working in the private and in the public healthcare system in Macedonia. A total of 312 physicians participated in the survey and they represented 45 different specialties of medicine and dentistry. More than 91% of the surveyed doctors supported the strike emphasizing that the health authorities need to have a more dignified attitude towards the medical profession. A high percentage of physicians (83%) supported the strike because of the need for increased wages. Detailed information, as well as appropriate recommendations and observations, related to doctors supporting the strike are enclosed in the “Who is up for a strike?” report.

Healthgrouper is web based platform for communication between doctors and offers the patients complete information about doctors and healthcare providers in the Bakans. Healthgrouper conducts surveys in all countries where it is active, in order to make comparative analyses of the conditions in the health systems in the region and improve the quality of healthcare. The results of the surveys are published in the media and available on the following link. Healthgrouper is a registered trademark in the EU Countries.