The student’s expectations from the studies at the Medical Faculty – Skopje, generation 2013/2014



(10 january 2014) - Healthgrouper conducted the traditional survey among students of the Medical Faculty who are enrolled in their first year of studies in the academic year 2013/2014. The purpose of this Healthgrouper survey is to determine the main expectations that students have at the beginning of their studies. This survey will also be conducted in 2019 among the same generation of students in order to compare differences in responses. The answers to the questions of the survey are listed by percentage, but what is impressive is that the medical students’ interest to emigrate from Macedonia is decreasing. Unlike last year’s results of the same survey where the percentage of students who were planning to leave the country after completing their studies was quite high, this year's results have shown a significant improvement. The majority of students prefer the private rather than public healthcare system, while about 30% said they don’t care ether way where they find employment as long as they do find employment.

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