The Absurdity Trilogy by Vladimir Lazarevik

Leading hypotheses of the Pay-for-Reporting system

(Skopje December 10, 2012) - The International Research Project Healthgrouper presents the three leading hypotheses related to the Pay-for-Reporting system as implemented in Macedonia. These hypotheses have been generated on the basis of survey using scientific research methods and international experience. The Healthgrouper experts have prepared three scientific manuscripts written in English, which have been submitted for publications in relevant scholarly journals with impact factor. The first article has been published on December 7th 2012 in Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences. Dr Vladimir Lazarevik, the executive director of the project Healthgrouper, has published comments on the research hypotheses written as popular essays on the webbased portal Kirilica in order to bring the theses closer to the general public. Dr Lazarevik’s comments entirely reflect the results of the research conducted by Healthgrouper among the doctors, specialists in the Republic of Macedonia.

Herewith we supply the links to the published essays and leading hypotheses:

- Who profits from the doctors’ strike?

Hypothesis: "The biggest beneficiaries from the doctors’ strike in the state public health institutions are actually the private hospitals, and the biggest losers are going to be the state public healthcare system and the patients who are forced to wait and are exposed to additional costs. Moreover, the strike increases dissatisfaction and distrust in the state public healthcare system among patients. Who has an interest to further increase patients’ disappointment in the public healthcare?"

- Accountability

Hypothesis: "Responsibility for the workers’ strike in Toyota falls on the managers, not on the workers. Stockholders are those who will demand responsibility from the management body and not from the workers. Likewise, the responsibility for the doctors’ strike falls not on the doctors but on the Minister of Health. Stockholders of the public health care are we, the citizens.."

- The absurd of one anti-reform

Hypothesis:: "The existing version of the Pay-for-Reporting (P4R) system is opposite to the Diagnosis-Related Groups reform and consequently it is a classic anti-reform. DRG stimulates teamwork in clinical medicine while P4R directly undermines teamwork and supports individual performance. A harmful healthcare policy is consciously being conducted, which is contrary to the interests of the patients, the doctors and the entire healthcare system.а."

To access the first publication CLICK HERE. 

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