Ted H. Tulchinsky MD MPH

Prof. Tulchinsky is Adjunct Associate Professor at the Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is responsible teaching Organization of Public Health Services in the International Master of Public Health Program. He organized and conducted mentoring projects for new schools of public health in countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in developing new schools of Public Health. He was responsible for the Visiting Faculty programs conducted at the Braun SPH with participants from many countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asian Republics and in cooperation with the WHO Collaborating Center on Public Health Workforce Development, from China.

In the 2000, Dr. Tulchinsky, with a Russian colleague, published the text “The New Public Health: An Introduction for the 21st Century.”  This textbook of some 850 pages is used as a basic text in Russian faculties of medicine, nursing and other health disciplines.  It has been distributed throughout the former Soviet Union and published in English, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Albanian and Romanian languages. The second edition of this textbook was published in 2009, and a translation is in process into the Georgian language. The third edition of this book is in process for publication in 2012.

He is consultant on developing new schools of public health in Albania, Macedonia and several in Russia, and Kazakhstan and is a member of the Executive Board of the European Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPHER). He has over 45 years of public health experience in leading organizations through the process of system delivery and public health improvement, as Deputy Minister of Manitoba Health in the 1970’s, and then as Coordinator of Public Health Service in Israel for the West Bank and Gaza in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

He has been active in promoting vaccination programs, prevention of anemia of infancy, fortification of foods to prevent micronutrient deficiency conditions in Israel and the Palestinian Authority over more than two decades. He worked for some 20 years with health of the Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza as the Israeli Ministry of Health supervisor of health matters, and especially on vaccination policy, primary health care, nutrition and training programs, until 1994, and in a coordinative role following the transfer of responsibility for health to the Palestinian Authority in 1994.

In the period 2000 to the 2007, he worked with US Academy of Sciences and other organizations on Palestinian, Israeli and regional nutrition issues, including micronutrient deficiency conditions, monitoring of nutritional status and on communicable disease control.

In 2007-08, he was lead author for preparation of Working Paper on Nutrition for Israel Ministry of Health, Health Israel 2020 Project, and in activities of the Ministry of Health in fortification of flour, milk and salt with essential micronutrients.

Since 2008, he has served as Deputy Editor of Public Health reviews, now located in the School of Public Health (EHESP) in Paris and Rennes, France.  He was responsible for issue of the new journal on The New Public Health (2010) and Education in Public Health (2011), and Public Health Ethics (in preparation for 2012)