Regional comparison: Physicians Job Satisfaction in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia

(April 5, 2012) International project published the comparative data of the regional Physicians Job Satisfaction study in three Balkan countries. Comparative analysis of the leading factors that cause physicians’ dissatisfaction points to many similarities, but also certain specifics in each country. Thus, the majority of doctors in Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria are dissatisfied with the salary, work related stress, health reforms. The study recorded an overall low job satisfaction and status in the society and media to the doctors’ profession. The analysis showed that doctors in Serbia are most dissatisfied with their salaries, most dissatisfied with the health reforms are doctors in Bulgaria, while low status in the society is highest among doctors in Macedonia.

Healthgrouper has completed a comparative analysis of the leading doctor’s problems in the three countries.

Thus, low monthly payment is a common problem to all doctors in the region. Also, the administrative workload is a big problem with all doctors in the three surveyed countries. Politicization increases the dissatisfaction among doctors working in the public sector in Macedonia and Serbia, while doctors in Bulgaria emphasize more on the lack of health sector vision and strategy to develop the health system. However, doctors in Macedonia and Bulgaria are not satisfied with their status in the society, as well as of the negative attitude of the media towards the physicians. The complete marginalization and unequal position of the private sector in Serbia is a big problem for this group of doctors. Unlike in Serbia, the private health sector in Macedonia and Bulgaria is much more developed and partially integrated in the existing social insurance schemes.

Healthgrouper is preparing for the largest patient satisfaction survey of the quality of healthcare services provided in SEE countries.


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