Select & Group

The central element at is our select and group search module. This search module is specially designed to enable you to easily find your doctor or provider in the city of your interest.

The Select & Group module has three main filters: a) choose your map, b) type by name or condition, c) select particular provider

  1. You can set the map for a particular country and town of your interest. Once you click on choose your map, a new window will be opened where you can select the country, and the city of your interest. Only countries that are participating in our project will be listed for you to choose. Your map will then be positioned to locate providers in that particular area only.

  2. If you wish to search by name of the establishment, just type the name, and click search. If you wish to search by particular medical conditions or symptoms you may have, you can type the name of the condition, and than click search. To learn about our conditions visitors are advised to go to our next module called Conditions Grouper (discussed below).

  3. You may select specific type of providers from our seven main provider categories. Each main category contains additional subcategories specific to the individual countries. Healthgrouper has a special icon for doctors of all specialties. Just click on the doctors’ icon, select the type of specialist you are looking for, and your results will display institutions where doctors are affiliated. As you click on particular institutions the site will list all the doctors associated with these institutions. You can read doctors' profiles, and are invited to read and write the reviews, respond to the surveys and compare them with other physicians.

You may select some or all of the categories or particular subcategories and then click on search. will then present all the providers on the map in the city of your interest that participate in our project. If you click on these providers' icons on the map, a pop up window will appear that shows the name and briefly describes the type of the establishment. If you click on the name of the provider, instantly takes you to the provider’s profile. Here you can learn some general information about the provider, such as type of facility, number of patients, beds, employees, top medical services, top ten procedures at this provider, you can play videos, request and appointment or learn patients’ reviews and ratings. You may choose to enlarge the map for better presentation of the locations and types of providers.