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Institute of Social Medicine ( hereinafter referred as ISM ) is an academic and research organization with more than 12 years of experience in teaching , research and policy making in the health and social systems in the Republic of Macedonia . ISM is the institution responsible for developing and delivering the academic curriculum in Social Medicine for the undergraduate students at the Faculty of Medicine , Faculty of Dentistry and Institute of Social Policy within the Faculty of Philosophy , as well as to the Higher Nursing Schools in Skopje and Shtip . The ISM is also key academic organization responsible for the development and delivery of the postgraduate studies in Public Health at the Medical Faculty in Skopje . The ISM employ 4 senior lecturers and more

5 teaching assistants , all highly educated and trained professionals , who are regularly invited to international conferences , seminars , and professional events . Our experts are frequently subjects to media interviews on various social and public health related topics , such as prevention of violence and social actions aimed at reducing social inequities . The ISM has provided professional staffs who have been appointed for number of high civil servant positions including Deputy Minister of Health , Directors of health institutions , members of the managing boards of various health care organizations and representative for international cooperation at the University Rectorate . All 4 senior staff of ISM are appointed WHO national coordinators for various public health topics by the Minister of Health . The former Deputy Minister of Health is at the present moment active member of WHO Steering Committee , representing Republic of Macedonia . The ISM has been working on number of international projects and partners including World Health Organization , World Bank , Center for Disease Control from Atlanta , Adrija Stapmar School of Public Health , Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe , IOM , UNICEF , and it is member of the ASPHER association . In all its research and educational activities , ISM aims at advancing the knowledge , skills and practice among students , and to stimulate innovative thinking among young generations to reduce the social inequities in our society , to increase access to health care services and to advance equal opportunities for all in the society . This particularly refers to improving the rights of the vulnerable groups of women from all parts of the society .




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Education, teaching, research

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+389 2 3298 580; +389 2 328 581

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Prof. dr. Mome Spasovski

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Lenche Janakievska



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