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The Center for cardiovascular diseases – Ohrid has been established in 1982 as a public health institute for prevention , treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases . Since june 2006 , our Center includes a Department of Interventional cardiology . The Center consists of : Outpatient - polyclinic department , Inpatient department with CICU ( Cardiac Intensive Care Unit ), Department of Interventional cardiology and Department of cardiac rehabilitation . We are proud of our highly professional medical staff which has vast experience and tradition of diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases . Various non - invasive cardiovascular diagnostic procedures are performed at our Center , such as : Еchocardiography ( transthoracic and transesophageal ), Echo - color doppler imaging of peripheral more

arteries and veins , 24 - hour Continuous Ambulatory ECG and Blood pressure monitoring ( Holter monitoring ), Еxercize stress testing , Еrgometric and Тelemetric evaluation and Laboratory tests . We are established as a regional Center for primary PCIs ( Percutaneous Coronary Interventions ). We hospitalize and treat patients with acute coronary syndrome from the south - western part of Macedonia ( Ohrid , Struga , Bitola , Kicevo , Debar , Resen ) and even from the nearby Albanian cities . We also perform PTA ( Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty ) of carotid arteries and arteries of the arms and legs , as well as VNUS radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins of the legs . Our Department of cardiac rehabilitation is the only one of its kind in Macedonia . It provides patients with CAD ( coronary artery disease ), prior myocardial infarctions , PTCA / Stenting procedures , CABG surgeries and many other cardiovascular diseases , magnificent conditions for rehabilitation near the beautiful Lake Ohrid . During the rehabilitation patients undergo program of medical controlled exercizes , various diagnostic procedures and they receive basic education of cardiovascular diseases . Annually , the Center serves over 15 000 patients in the Outpatient - polyclinic department and 1500 in the Department of cardiac rehabilitation , over 30 000 diagnostic procedures are performed and 1500 - 1700 percutaneous interventions are made ( approx . 350 of them are primary PCIs on life - threatening cardiac events ). In the Center for cardiovascular diseases – Ohrid your health is our priority .





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Center for Cardiovascular diseases - Ohrid

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