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PHYSIO BALANS is a Private medical practice for Physical Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation , located in the center of the city , with pleasant ambient and fully equipped for wide range of physiotherapy services . Experienced medical stuff - Medical doctor , specialist in Physical Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation and qualified physiotherapists are prepare to treat many medical conditions . The state of art equipment for Electro therapy , Ultrasound therapy , Magnet therapy and Laser therapy is a real opportunity for treatment of many conditions as : neck pain , low back pain and sciatica , shoulder problems , carpal tunnel syndrome , tennis and golf elbow , osteoarthritis , tendon and ligament strain , rehabilitation following fractures and soft tissue surgery , osteoporosis etc . The more

modern gym room is equipped for using physical exercises programs as treatment of of bad posture as : foreword head , round shoulders , kyphosis , sway back etc . We pay specially attention in treatment of scoliosis with individually designed exercise programs , and exercises for prevention of this condition as well . For all who wish to take a special care for their body and mind we organize a Pilates classes . Pilates is a physical fitness system extremely beneficial for human body . We offer an opportunity to use the Fit Vibe , the professional vibrating platform . Whole Body Vibration helps the whole body stay in shape . Becoming fitter , healthier and stronger . Whole Body Vibration massages , relaxes , strengthens and tones the body , affects circulation , flexibility , range of motion and loss of cellulite . And all this with only 15 - 20 minutes exercise three times a week . The Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device is ideal for treatment of numerous medical conditions as : Lymphoedemas , , Venous insufficiency , Posttraumatic care , Diabetic angiopathy , Algodistrophic Syndrome , Obesity , and many aesthetic problems as : Cellulite , Heavy legs syndrome , Varicose veins prevention , Improvement in skin trophic , regeneration , detoxification etc . And , of course one can enjoy the massage which is the manual manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well - being . Our knowledge and wish to help is in your service !




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Услуги од област на физикална медицина и мед. рехабилитација во третман на најразлични патолошки состојби на мускулоселетен систем, лимфедем, постоператива рехаб. и др.

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+389 46 265 214

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Dr.Gordana Konjanovska

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Др. Гордана Коњановска


Physical medicine & rehabilitation

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