(for patients)

Why should I register at Healthgrouper?

By registering at our site you gain a higher level of access to the services and information we provide. Registration is not mandatory and you can still browse through the site without being registered. But if you would like to leave a comment or share your experience of using the healthcare services or would like to evaluate a certain doctor or institution than you must be registered and logged in.

Are the services that Healthgrouper provides free?

All the services that Healthgrouper provides to its users are free and will remain free.

How can I find the doctor that I am seeking for at Healthgrouper?

If you are looking for a specific doctor whose name and last name you already know, simply type in their name in the browser at the Search section and then click on the Find button. Healthgrouper will then display all the doctors that have this name or similar names on the map.

How can I view the list of doctors?

Just click on the Add to Compare tab which is located right above the map and you will be shown a list of all the doctors or healthcare institutions you were looking for.

What do the icons that appear on the browser and the map represent?

Healthgrouper has seven categories which are shown with different icons (doctors, hospitals, group practices, labs, dental clinics, pharmacies and spas and rehab centers). By selecting and of these icons in the browser you can filter the results for a more specific search. For example: If you click on the doctor’s icon, Healthgrouper will only search and display doctors.

What if I want to find a doctor with a specific specialty?

Click on the Choose category drop down menu and select the specific specialty. Healthgrouper will take you to all the doctors of that specialty in the city of your interest.

How can I find a doctor?

You find a doctor in multiple ways. You can search the doctor’s name, you can find a doctor by specialty or the city they work in. You can also find a doctor by the conditions or procedures they do.

How can I leave a comment or share an experience of the healthcare services I’ve used?

To leave a comment or evaluate a doctor or a healthcare institution you must already be registered and logged in. Then you should find the institution or doctor that you would like to evaluate. Once you open their profile you will see several tabs there (overview, reviews, survey). Click on the Reviews tab and there you can leave a comment. Please read our Posting guidelines before you proceed.

How can I evaluate the quality of the healthcare services?

Besides leaving a comment or making a review you can also evaluate the performance of a healthcare institution or doctor by selecting the smileys in the Survey tab. Healthgrouper offers you several categories in which you can grade the performance of your healthcare provider.

Can the doctor or healthcare institution find out who wrote the comment?

Not necessarily. One of Healthgrouper’s main commitments is to respect its users privacy. We will not ask of you to state your name when you are evaluating or reviewing profiles of any doctor or institution unless you want to. You can do this anonymously by using your username or you can write your full name if you so choose and it will be displayed right next to the comment you wrote.

Will my comment/review be published?

Healthgrouper will publish all the experiences which do not contain offensive content, tedious insults or unwarranted flaming. Therefore before a review is posted its content is checked.

What is the Symptom Grouper used for?

This gadget will allow you to find a doctor or a healthcare institution depending on the medical problem you have. By clicking on any of the given silhouettes (woman, child or male) you will be taken to a page where you have several means of searching by conditions, procedures or analysis. You can select a specific part of the body by clicking on it. A list of possible medical conditions or procedures will then be shown in the upper-right window for that particular part. Select any of these that resembles your problem the most and in the window below you will be shown a list of categories of recommended doctors. Click on the category you would like to find and then click Find your doctor.

Why am I being shown a map with icons?

The map allows you to find the doctors or healthcare institutions depending on your location.

How can I change my location or the location I want to search in?

Click on the Location button which is located in the upper right corner of the browser. There you can select the country, city and radius in which you would like to search in. Note that in order to get the best results you should position the pin correctly for your location or any particular location that you would like to search in.

Is it possible for me to schedule an appointment online via Healthgrouper?

Healthgrouper will soon offer its users the opportunity to schedule an appointment online. For now, you can use the contact info that are listed in the profiles.