Symptom grouper

This is a specially designed application with the purpose of helping you finding the right doctor for any health related problem you might have. Simply choose your gender and start browsing for the possible conditions which are categorized by the regions of the human body: head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, legs, back and buttocks. By selecting any of these regions on the silhouette you will be presented with a list of possible conditions associated with that particular region. Selecting any of these conditions will bring a pop-up window with a short explanation of what it is as well as a list of recommended doctors that treat that condition. You can then choose the type of doctor you want from the list and press the button Find your doctor. Healthgrouper will show you a complete list of doctors of that type and the institutions they work in. In that way you can find your doctor and schedule an appointment quickly and easily.

Additionally, Symptom grouper will allow you to browse for health institutions where certain types of procedures or analyses are being made in the exact same way as with the conditions. Choose the tab Procedures or Analyses to begin your search.