Our categories

We have seven main healthcare provider categories: doctors, hospitals, group practices, laboratories, dental clinics, pharmacies and spa & rehab. Each of these categories has its subcategories. Here is a brief summary for each of these categories:

Doctors: This category covers all licensed dental and medical doctors. All doctors from the countries of South Eastern Europe are invited to apply and join the network. Doctors are divided into two main groups: medical and dental doctors. Each of thesе also has its own specialty.

Hospitals/Hospital Facilities: This category covers all inpatient healthcare facilities including all types of hospitals, as well as hospices and institutes with hospital beds. Since subcategories of hospitals can differ from country to country, all applicants are kindly requested to identify their facilities within the suggested categories.

Group practices: This category covers all outpatient primary and specialist healthcare clinics and policlinics. Providers are invited to create profiles of their practices depending on the subcategory of the practice or specialty of doctors employed or associated with it.

Laboratories: This category covers all types of laboratory practices regardless of them being autonomous laboratory institutions or organizational units as part of a greater healthcare provider.

Dental clinics: This category covers different types of dental clinics such as general, specialist, or dental policlinics with two or more different types of dental specialists.

Pharmacies: This category is primarily devoted to pharmacies, but all pharmaceutical producers and wholesalers are also welcome to apply. All pharmacies are invited to apply and to open their free profiles. If your pharmacy is open 24 hours please add this to your profile.

Spa and rehab: Our spa category is divided into two main groups: spa centers and rehabilitation. Under spa centers we have included different types of spa centers whose services include massage, medical treatments, physical rehabilitation, acopuncture, etc.

If you have a health provider profile or a doctor profile and cannot find the appropriate subcategory (type of health institution or speciality) we kindly ask that you send us your suggestion here so that we can add it to our list.